And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

Multi-purpose Room Usage

Only members and Muslim organizations can request multi-purpose room for usage.  Following minimum donations are expected prior to using the room:

  • $100 - for upto 100 persons
  • $300 - for more than 100 persons


Rule of usage:

  • Only religious usage is allowed
    • Akikah
    • Bismillah/Amin (Start of Quran and End of Quran recitation)
    • Nikah
    • Passing away related
    • Islamic Subject Related Seminars/Workshops


Supplies and utensils:

  • Has to be provided by the user
  • Cannot use Masjid supplies



  • Masjid & Multi-purpose room should be left vacuumed and cleaned
  • $100 deposit will be requested prior to usage is approve to cover the cleaning of the premises. If the premises is satisfactorily cleaned after event the deposit will be returned within a week of usage.  If cleaning is required, $20 will be charged per hour of cleaning required to clean the premises.  Total charge will be subtracted from the deposit prior to providing refund
  • If additional charge is outstanding a bill will be sent to the user of the room with a due date of one week from the date of usage


To reserve room for usage please send email to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. with the following information

  • Usage Requestor Name
  • Date of usage request
  • Time of request usage
  • Purpose of Usage
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone


Once usage is approved an email will be sent to the contact email with a request for donation and deposit.  Within 1 week of receiving email, a deposit check and a donation check (2 separate checks) should be received at AMDA donation drop box or via postal mail. After both the checks are received a confirmation email will be sent to the user.  This confirmation email will be required to be shown to the facility manager prior to the usage of the room.

JazakumuAllah Khairan for your consideration.  This masjid is house of Allah and utmost respect should be shown during the usage. Absolutely no music will be allowed.