And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13


AMDA BOARD MEETING – 7th February, 2015


ATTENDEES: Moududur Rahman, Ferdous Ghazi, Muhammad Azim, Moin Asjad, Shafiqul Islam, Ekramul Khan, Iftikhar Uddin, Khah Rahman, Zakirul Haque, Rubab Haque, Ahmed Khan, Qamrul Hasan


Meeting Minutes:


Financial Update - Br. Shafique / Br. Moudud


            Reviewed financial update and Zakat status till end of January, 2015.


Parking Lot Extension:


            Different options were discussed. It is possible to have a maximum of about 43 parking lots without going for variance from the city. Estimated cost would be around $5k per lot.


For more accurate estimate engineering survey, drawings etc. are required. Cost for that would be around 5k. Board decided to not pursue it at this point.


Fundraising Dinner Preparation – All


            Discussion revolved around accommodation, food and parking. Some chair sitting arrangement will be done. Food will be relatively dry (less curry). Valet parking will be arranged with designated people to take care of it. This will result in increased number of accommodation. Br. Iftekhar to take lead on it.


            Br. Ekram will take lead on flyer and pledge cards.


            Another follow up meeting will be called (possibly next week) to go over details.    


CAIR-MI Dinner Invitation – All


            Board decided to participate in CAIR-MI dinner.


Donation Receipts for 2014 – On track


Funeral Service - All


            Board decided to go ahead and recommend the service of Rahman Funeral (in Hamtramck) for all such future needs. Dr. Munawar Haque will be the contact from AMDA for any such enquiry.


Decision taken on the items mentioned above for unanimous.


Round Table items


Open House at AMDA – Br. Moin Asjad


            Tentative timing for it would be around end of May. The idea is to invite all surrounding neighbors of AMDA to the occasion.


Fire Marshal Access – Br. Moin Asjad


            Br. Moin informed the board that Masjid access code has been given to Fire Marshal for any emergency need.


Compensation Package for Imam Rumman – Br. Moin Asjad


            To be included in future board meeting