And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

AMDA BOARD MEETING – 3rd January, 2015


ATTENDEES: Moududur Rahman, Ferdous Ghazi, Muhammad Azim, Moin Asjad, Shafiqul Islam, Ekramul Khan, Iftikhar Uddin, Khah Rahman


Meeting Minutes:


Financial Update - Br. Shafique / Br. Moudud

            Reviewed collection and expenses for the month of December as well as CY 2014.

Donation Receipts for 2014 – All

By Jan 31st  all receipts will be mailed. Updated balance sheet received from Br. Shafique. Needed to complete donation letters: Check-o-metic (Br. Moudud), membership (Br. Azim), online donation(Br.  Moin)

Fundraising Dinner Preparation – All

Date: Feb28th (Saturday), Venue: AMDA , Time 6:00 PM

Main Speaker – Dr. Munwar Haque, Fundraising Br. Mohammed El-Beshir

Suggestion came from Br. Chisti to hold Sirat conference during the fundraising event. Br. Azim and Br. Moin will talk to Dr. Munawar Haque about the idea and get fliers done --- Tentative timing:  01/15/14

Karde Hasana Update - Br. Azim

All checks mailed out. Most people received their checks. A few couldn’t be confirmed due to holiday time.
Masjid Access – All

Communicate to general attendees that AMDA membership (requirement) will provide them with door keys. E-mail communication to go out from Br. Moin. A few more keys need to be distributed to some existing members.

Meeting with Head of Religious Activities and BOT members – All

Saturday, 10th of January. Br. Azim to confirm timing after talking to Dr. Munawar Haque.

Inviting Head of Religious Activities to  February Board Meeting – All

Agreed, details to be discussed on 10th meeting.

Fund for Head of Religious Activities position – Conference, training, purchase, travel

$XXXX approved . Dr. Munawar Haque will have this yearly budget to cover all expenses.
 Website Update

 Looks fine, Br. Moin to update. Br. Cheri Gul’s son will have access to his section.

Board Chairperson list (Past and Future) on website

Agreed – Just names will be published.

Fundraising by Outside Mosque  - All

The requesting organizations will be informed about the fact that not much can be raised and it is up to them to decide if they are still interested to come to raise funds. AMDA will allow maximum of four such fundraisings in a year (excluding Ramadan time).

Security camera Installation update – Br. Ferdous

Br. Ferdous can go ahead with Bailey communication and get the job done. But, he is concerned about their after service. It will cost about 4k-5k if other sources are used. Br. Ferdous will explore the contact from Br. Chisti.

Notice Board installation in Foyer/lobby

 Br. Moin and Br. Ferdous to coordinate