And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13
  Agenda Topic Discussed Next Step(s) Action Item(s) Target Completion Date Person Responsible
1 Financial update (Expense and Donation Received)       * Updated the financial status provided by Br. Shafiq
* Check if the amount paid to the second hafiz is included in the accounting
2 Spot for Grave at White Chapel Cemetery - Update from visit at White Chapel Cemetery * Work on distribution policy for grave      * Cost of plot is $1300
* Burrial fee is $1350 on the day of burrial
* 10% can be put as downpayment for purchasing
* 90% can be paid over 42 months without interest
* 50 to 100 plots available
* Ask for donation to purchase grave
* Need to finalize policy before announcing the purchase program to interested individuals
* Mention funeral services during the announcement
9/3/2016   * Br. Moin Asjad   
3 Upcoming Event Calendar for AMDA
- Any event that will be held at AMDA on August that anyone knows of
 - Holding Islamic Retreat during Thanksgiving Holiday (11/25 & 11/26) & December last week
* Nov - Program Plan
* Nov - Speaker
* Nov - Kids activity details
* Dec - Speaker selection/invitation
* Last week of August for MYAMDA. Halaqa session
* Talk to Sheikh Munawar regarding holding Hajj discussion during Labor Day weekend
* Nov - Discussion/Lecture, Activities for Kids, Food ??, Minimal donation for arranging food ($20 per family) - BarB Q
* Nov - Family Therapist to talk about relationships
* Dec - Need to work on detail for program
     9/3/2016 * Br. Iftekhar to talk to Sheikh regarding labor day weekend program
* Br. Zeeshan for activity idea
* Br. Zeeshan, Br. Moin, Br. Iftekhar for speech/lecture idea
* Program plan - Family focus
* Br. Zeeshan to work on December activity plan
4 Open House Date, Planning and Execution Support * Date September 24, 2016 * Talk to Sheikh Munawar regarding his thought on Theme, also for help and guidance
* Theme suggestion
- Roll of Muslims in USA
- Democracy and Islam
- Provide suggestion of theme
- Love for all Hatred for non
* Br. Obair, Br. Mosharraf, Br. Azim, Sheikh Munawar, Moin Asjad
Provide theme idea by 8/13/2016  * Br. Moin
5 Approval of Meeting Notes from last meeting Approve next week Next meeting 9/3/2026      
6 Tax Return Status (Filling date is May 15, 2016, maybe 16th this year)
 - What is outstanding, who needs to provide information ?
* 5th/3rd - Bank account statement - Br. Moudud
* Bank loan statement - Br. Moin
* Send information to Tax Preparer - Br. Ferdous
Follow up with CPA 8/13/2016 Br. Ferdous
7 Chairperson of the Board - List for Next Few Years starting 2017
 - Sorted list based on name
Completed/ None * Fixed until April 2018
* Will be published on website
January-April 2017: Muhammad Azim
May-August 2017: Abul Bashar Patwary
September-December: 2017 Moin Asjad
January-April 2018: Zeeshan Rizwan
8/13/2016 Br. Moin
8 Conflict of Interest Policy Review (IRS Requirement) & Email Privacy Document Signature * Signature on document that the board member read from the website - Signature to be done on next meeting (Sept) * Board members to read conflict of interest policy on website and sign in next meeting 9/3/2016 All
9 Board Liasion with AMDA Academy from 2017-2018 Session - Status Update * Find board member who would take the responsibility, in the interim Br. Moin will help out Br. Mujib to send out notice for prep meeting TBD Br. Azim
10 Assignment handover to next Chairperson of the Board Br. Iftekhar to start execution from September to December Provide outstanding discussion items 8/31/2016      
11 Walk - in: Productive Muslim  * Total expense ~$2k (Detail attached)
* Get personal sponsors
* Partial from AMDA
* Partial from participants
* Search for personal sponsors
* Timing - Between Dhuhr to Asr
8/31/2016 Br. Zeeshan
12 Walk -in: Eid-ul-Adha Dinner date shift to Sept 17th * Reserve Balkan Center for Sept 16th or 17th Br. Ferdous to follow up 8/10/2016 Br. Ferdous
13 Walk -in: Masjid Carpet Cleaning * Contact carpet cleaner * Br. Azim to followup 9/3/2016 Br. Azim
14 Walk -in: Mulch ($1275) & Sprinkler System Fix ($80) * Contact Br. Moudud for payment * Br. Iftekhar to followup  9/3/2016 Br. Iftekhar
15 Walk - in: Winterization for next season * Contact the contractor ($200) * Br. Iftekhar to followup  9/3/2016 Br. Iftekhar
  Br. Shafiq Islam        
  Br. Ferdous Ghazi        
  Br. Moin Asjad        
  Br. Muhammad Azim        
  Br. Iftekar Uddin        
  Br. Zeeshan Rizwan        
  Br. Mosharraf Hossain