And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

Joint Meeting - April 2016 (held on April 2)

Chaired by: Br. Hafiz Rahman

Attendees are:

Br. Moin Asjad
Br. Moududur Rahman
Br. Muhammad Azim
Br. Ferdous Ghazi
Br. Shafiq Islam
Sr. Rubab Huq

Br. Iftikhar Uddin Chisti
Br. Hafizur Rahman
Br. Abul B. Patuar
Br. Zeeshan Rizwan
Br. Ekram Khan

Standing Committee Members:
Br. Mohammed Hosson
Br. Zakirul Haque

Attendance required for quorum: Nine
Attending number of members: Thirteen

Following Agenda items were discussed and decisions were taken by the board:

1. Approved meeting minutes for the meetings of Mar, 2016.

2. Financial Report: Presented by Br. Shafiq Islam

3. Expense Report: Presented by Br. Moududur Rahman

4. Ramadan Taraweeh Hafez Selection:
- Prospective Hafez from Egypt got VISA. His arrival date is 06/02/2016 and departure date is 07/07/2016. Br. Moin will purchase the ticket and get reimbursed.
- Second Hafez: Hafez Amin tentatively confirmed. Br. Zeeshan will confirm with him about AMDA budget and his expectation in terms of his honorium. AMDA’s limit was given to Br. Zeeshan.

5. Ramadan Related other Items: Nothing else discussed.

6. Ramadan Annual Fundraising Dinner: Nothing discussed this time.

7. Senior Night: Monthly Senior Night – Approved by board unanimously. Dr. Dada and Imam Dr. Munawar Haque will take the lead.

8. Additional Payment to UIF against the Loan: Pay $50K by Apr/2016. Keep at least 3 months of expenses as Cushion Money in the bank for any emergency needs.

9. Tax 2015: Br. Ferdous will contact with Mr. Hashmukh Patel for the tax filing.

10. Compensation to Fundraising Guest Speaker (Feb 27, 2016): Pay Speaker Sr. Namira Islam $x00.00 agreed by the board unanimously.

11. Budget for Sister’s Halaqa: Apr 9, 2016

a. Whole year budget approved $600.00 (From Jan 1 thru Dec 31, 2016).

12. Next Chairman: Br. Moin Asjad. Starting from May, 1, 2016.

Meeting adjourned at ____ pm

(Published on website: May 22, 2016)