And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

Joint Meeting – March 2016 (held on March 12)

Chaired by: Br. Hafiz Rahman

Attendees are:

Br. Moududur Rahman
Br. Muhammad Azim
Br. Shafiq Islam
Br. Ferdous Ghazi

Br. Jami Ahmed Khan
Br. Ekramul Khan
Br. Iftikhar Uddin Chisti
Br. Hafizur Rahman
Br. Abul B. Patuar
Br. Zeeshan Rizwan

Standing Committee Members:

Attendance required for quorum: Nine
Attending number of members: Ten

Following Agenda items were discussed and decisions are made:

1. Approved meeting minutes for the meetings of Jan, 2016 and Feb 2016.

2. Financial Report: Presented by Br. Shafiq Islam

3. Expense Report: Presented by Br. Moududur Rahman

4. Ramadan Taraweeh Hafez Selection:
- Prospective Hafez from Egypt will face US Embassy for Visa on Mar 22, 2016.
- Br. Azim will confirm about Hafez from Egypt in the April Board Meeting about the visa status. Decision will be made on alternate by email if the visa is denied.
- There will be a second Hafez to be selected locally.
- Br. Zeeshan will talk to local Hafez Br Amin as the second Hafez.

5. Ramadan Iftar: Sponsored Iftar and Dinner will be served 3 days every week – Fri, Sat and Sun.To sponsor one Iftar and Dinner, the recommended contribution from interested family/person would be $350. One or multiple Bar-B-Q Iftar may be served this year. Details will be decided next meeting (Apr/2016).

6. Ramadan Annual Fundraising Dinner:
a. Date: Jun 25, 2016 (Saturday).  Alternate date: Jun 24, 2016 (Friday).
b. Venue: BACC Hall Room  Br. Ferdous will confirm with BACC Management.
c. Speaker: Br. Zeeshan and Br. Rahat Khan will lead as Search Committee. They will confirm by next meeting (Apr/2016).

7. Lessons Learned from Feb 27 Fundraising:
a. Projection Screen Size created an issue to start on time.
b. Solution: Sr. Khatri will make a projection screen for AMDA. Br. Azim and Br. Ferdous will decide the perfect size of the screen and will provide to Br. Khatri to make it.
c. Projector and Computer: Due to unavailability of the computer, the projector could not be set on time.
d. Solution: Everything have to be onsite at least half an hour before the formal start time as per the announced schedule.
e. Speaker: Seemed to be many speakers and allocated time not maintained.
f. Solution: There will be no unrelated speaker other than just fundraising. Speakers to be warned about the time limit.
g. Snack: No snack was provided and the dinner was very late. Unhappy attendees.
h. Solution: Snack will be provided other than the event outside Ramadan.
i. No Event Manager: There was no instant action to recover the delay or time keeping.
j. Solution: There will always be an event manager and the sitting Chairman will play that role.

8. Request from outside Masjid/Organization for Fundraising Opportunities in AMDA Masjid:
Brs. Ferdous and Azim will draft some standard format letters for local and out of state organizations and they will respond to such requests made to AMDA.
This year in Ramadan following 4 Organizations will be allowed to do fundraising in AMDA Masjid:
(i) Helping Hand USA – July 2, 2016
(ii) DEF – Date TBD
(iii) CAIR – Date TBD
(iv) Darul Ulum Madrashah – Date TBD
Outside Ramadan: Brs. Ferdous and Azim will respond to the requests.

9. CAIR Annual Dinner Sponsorship: AMDA will sponsor one table for $750 to this event.
- AMDA Imam and his wife will represent AMDA. Anybody else to attend will pay $50/person.

10. Timely response to outside emails addressed to AMDA Board: Current Chairman will send response immediately to acknowledge the receipt the request. He/She may respond with completely and close the issue as appropriate but he/she may consult with board for further details if needed.

11. AMDA Tax Preparation:
a. Accountant: Mr. Hashmuk Patel CPA
b. Br. Ferdous will take the lead to contact Mr. Patel for the tax filing this year.

12. Weekly Youth Halaqa: Will happen every 2nd, 3rd and 4th Friday of each month. Br. Zeeshan will take the lead on this event.

13. AMDA Maktab: Br. Zeeshan proposed for a Maktab. He will find a teacher and then announce for the student to register and start the class. It will be 2 or 3 days per week. Further details will be decided later.


Published on website: May 22, 2016