And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

Joint Meeting - January 2016 (held on January 9)

Chaired by: Br. Hafiz Rahman


Attendees are:


Br. Moin Asjad
Br. Moududur Rahman
Br. Muhammad Azim
Br. Ferdous Ghazi
Br. Shafiq Islam – Over Telephone


Br. Iftikhar Uddin Chisti
Br. Hafizur Rahman
Br. Abul B. Patuar
Br. Jami Ahmed Khan
Br. Zeeshan Rizwan
Br. Ekram Khan


Standing Committee Members:
Br. Zakirul Haque
Br. Mohammed Hosson


Attendance required for quorum: Nine
Attending number of members: Thirteen


Following Agenda items were discussed and decisions were taken by the board:


1. Approved the meeting minutes for the month of Dec, 2015.

2. Financial report for year 2015 and up to date – Presented by Br. Shafiq Islam.

3. 2015 AMDA Expenses Summary – Presented by Br. Moududur Rahman

4. 2015 Tax Filing Responsibility:
Br. Shafiq Islam
Br. Moududur Rahman
Br. Ferdous Ghazi
Br. Moin Asjad

5. Jum’ah Day Masjid Open-Close Responsibility
• Discussed options of remotely lock-unlock explained by Br. Moin
• Other option to give this responsibility to the Imam.
• Final decision: To give this responsibility to the Imam
• Br. Hafiz will discuss with the Imam and confirm.

6. Volunteering on any Event Day:
• Request was made to all board members to support for the set-up before the event and clean-up after the event.
• The board chairman should send a reminder to all board members for the support needed.

7. Masjid Keys:
• All board members will have key with lock/un-lock capability
• Each board members should know the responsibility of having such lock/un-lock capability.

8. AMDA Advisors:
• Two new advisors
• Br. Masrur – confirmed
• Br. Shahgir – to be confirmed by Br. Azim

9. Open House after Ramadan
• Date: TBD

10. Ramadan Taraweeh:
• Trustees will talk to the overseas Hafez
• Br. Zeeshan will talk to local Hafez.

• Website: to be explored by Br. Zeeshan and Br. Moin
• Basketball Tournament: May 2016
• Running Team
• MYAMDA Funding: Need more money this year
• More than $500, Possibly $800

12. First Annual Youth Conference by MYAMDA
• Date: Mar 4 and 5, 2016
• Cost: Ask for sponsors from families
• Announcement to be sent through email by Br. Zeeshan

13. Semi-Annual Fundraising
• Date: Feb 20, 2016
• Venue: Balkan CC
• Br. Ferdous will contact BACC to confirm the availability and reserve
• Speaker: TBD. Br. Zeeshan will try to find someone and will confirm by next monthly meeting.

14. Sponsoring philanthropic activities outside religious organization irrespective of affiliation to AMDA
• Martin Luther King Jr. Day
• Sterling Heights, MI
• Sponsor a Table for 10: $500
• Anybody willing to join can do so by donating $50.

Meeting adjourned at ____ pm


(Published on website: May 22, 2016)