And whatsoever He has created for you on this earth of varying colors [and qualities from vegetation and fruits, etc. (botanical life) and from animal (zoological life)]. Verily! In this is a sign for people who remember. The Holy Quran 16:13

Monthly Report

March, 2017


·        On March 2, participated in a one-hour session of English as a Second Language (ESL) Chat Program at the Faith Lutheran Church in Troy.


·        Delivered a khutba on Friday, March 3, on the topic: “Increasing Our Faith (Iman) Through Allah’s Signs.”


·        On Friday, March 3, participated in the Friday Family Night Event. Br Muhammad Azim thanked the community for its generous donation that helped AMDA to liquidate its outstanding loan. He also briefed the community about AMDA’s vision of expansion.   


·        Gave a short speech on the occasion of ‘Aqiqah’ of the granddaughter of Br. Raziuddin Siddiqi, one of our senior community members.


·        Delivered a khutba on Friday, March 10th on the topic: “Obligation of Civic Engagement.”


·        Br Mark from the Christian Faith entered into the fold of Islam by declaring his shahadatan (two testimonies of the Islamic Faith) in the Masjid after Jumu’ah Prayers (1st Jama’ah) on Friday, March 10th.


·        Urged and encouraged Br Rumman (Asst. Imam) to take the initiative of conducting the bimonthly Friday halaqa after Isha prayers, and MashaAllah, he did that satisfactorily on Friday March 10th. I also participated in the halaqa.


·        Delivered a khatira after Fajr prayer on Saturday, March 12 on the topic, “What is ‘Ibadah?”


·        On March 10th, conducted marriage-counseling for a prospective couple (Tahsin and Fatin) who were planning to get their Nikah ceremony performed at AMDA later this month.  


·        On March 17th, conducted Nikah ceremony of Tahsin Asjad, daughter of Br Moin Asjad.   


·        Delivered a khatira after Fajr prayer on Saturday, March 18th on the topic, “Constant Remembrance of Allah.”


·        AMDA hosted the ‘Michigan Muslim Community Council (MMCC) Youth Qiyam’ on Saturday, March 18th after Maghrib prayers. The theme of the Program was “Legacy of the Believers.” I gave an introductory cum welcome speech.  


·        A guest khateeb—Attorney and Counselor of Law in the State of Michigan and Federal Court – Eastern District of Michigan, Mohammed Alomari, Esq. delivered a khutba at AMDA on Friday, March 25th.  


·        Invited Br Khalid Iqbal, Administrative Director of “Muslim Family Services” (MSF) to give a khatira on Saturday, March 25th after Fajr Prayer.


·        Conducted marriage counseling to a prospective couple (Tasnim and Joseph) who were planning to get their Nikah ceremony performed by me on Saturday, April 8th.  


·        Delivered a short tafsir of few verses of the Qur’an every day after Fajr Salah.


·        Conducted the weekly Quran classes on Wednesdays and Thursdays.